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2019 KO East MO Advisory Council

Chairperson - Monica Barnes
Vice-Chair - 
Spiritual Director -Barbara Hite
State Committee Representative - Martha Everitt
Treasurer - Catherine Demers
Secretary - Connie Luptowski
Kairos Donor Coordinator - Missy Padgett
Reunion Coordinator - Cherie Scott
Agape Coordinator - Jackie McIntyre Email 
For General Agape (also known as Wall Agape) please write or email your request. 
We will get this to you promptly and we'll be praying for you! 
Fundraising -  Wanda Bryan
Facility & Inventory Coordinator- Ruth Mills
Outreach Coordinators -  Kellie Porter
Communications Coordinator - Michelle Polaski
Data Coordinator - Marian Crosby
Website - Carolyn Hebenstreit Email
Weekend #32 Leader - Connie Luptowski
Weekend #33 Leader - Merry Ericksen
Weekend #34 Leader - Catherine Demers

Advisory Council Meetings for 2019 are open meetings. Come and see what we are about.