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2018 KO East MO Advisory Council

Chairperson - Monica Barnes
Vice-Chair - Martha Everitt
Spiritual Director -Sr. Joyce Page
State Committee Representative - Juanita Buchanan
Treasurer - Catherine Demers
Secretary - Connie Luptowski
Kairos Donor Coordinator - Missy Padgett
Reunion Coordinator - Barbara Murray
Agape Coordinator - Jackie McIntyre
For General Agape (also known as Wall Agape) please write or email your request. 
We will get this to you promptly and we'll be praying for you! 
Fundraising -  Kellie Porter
Facility & Inventory Coordinator- Ruth Mills
Outreach Coordinators -  Beverly Lynch
Communications Coordinator - Cheri Scott
Data Coordinator - Marian Crosby
Website - Carolyn Hebenstreit Gigaclh@gmail.com
Weekend #32 Leader - Jody Gross

Advisory Council Meetings for 2018 are open meetings. Come and see what we are about.