What Is Kairos?

Pronounced "Ki-Ros" and means "God's Special Time".
Kairos Outside is designed to support the families of men and women who are or have been incarcerated in the country's state and federal correctional facilities, as well as county jails and youth offender programs. The spouses, parents and other relatives of the incarcerated often "do time" right along with their relatives or friends. It is important for them to know that they are not alone and that there is a Christian community that cares about them. This support is provided in a safe environment with Christian people during a Kairos Outside Weekend. During this weekend the guests will have opportunities to interact with other women who are in similar situations and learn how to form small groups of support thereby giving them strength in their life journey.

Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside is a support weekend for women who have a relative or friend who is or has been incarcerated.

The Purpose of Kairos Outside

The purpose of Kairos Outside weekends is to demonstrate God's grace and love through Christian support for women who have loved ones who are or who have been incarcerated.

The Goals of Kairos Outside

The goals of Kairos Outside weekends are
To provide a safe place;
To offer unconditional love and acceptance in a Christian setting;
To encourage the sharing of life's journey;
To foster spiritual growth;
To promote participation in support groups; and
To create an opportunity for a relationship with God.

No Eucharist or other services other than those designated are to be performed on the weekend.